A Study Of Melia Hanoi’s Strategies In The Vietnamese Market

Melia has been requesting a thorough assessment of the factors influencing its future strategies in order to identify the most efficient and modern marketing approaches.

In Vietnam, marketing is still an emerging field. This can be seen by the clumsy way most companies approach it, and their inability to use available resources for marketing. Melia Hotel Hanoi does not stand out from the many companies that fail to market themselves. Melia Hotel Hanoi is not an exception to the overwhelming number of companies that fail to market themselves.

The report focuses on local business, the Vietnamese and the hotel SWOT analysis. Its goal is to help Melia Hanoi win the race.

The recommendations in this study are based in part on the assumption of a technologically stable Vietnam, that is, there will not be any dramatic or natural events (attacks and wars) in the coming years. In the coming years, there will be no major events. The assumption is that there won’t be any new laws or regulations in place to affect the communication channels and media, nor the existing rules governing freedom of expression and censorship. Final assumption: Melia’s design template won’t undergo any major changes in near future.

Information in this report has been gathered from current sources including videos, research papers, articles on the internet, and books. Some of these sources are internationally renowned financial institutions like Forbes and World Bank. In order to give the reader a fuller picture of the current economic climate, some of the data is taken from my own observations, experiences, self-conducted surveys, and country knowledge.

Multiple factors limited the information contained in the report, including the fact that marketing is not popular in Vietnam, and there are no reliable resources available in this field.

This report does not use many words that are specific to the industry. The terms used throughout this report are simple to understand.

The recommendations provided at the end will be partly based on research conducted by academics and mostly on current marketing trends observed in Vietnam, the world and Melia Hanoi. The final recommendations of this report will heavily weigh the current state and resources of Melia Internationals, as well as the hotel’s binding status.


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