Andrew Johnson, The Seventeenth President Of The United States

The seventeenth president of America was President Andrew Johnson. He was elected president after the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln. President Johnson was birthed in Raleigh on December 12, 18, 1808. Johnson was raised in poverty and his family couldn’t afford to send him to school. Johnson left school at age 16 to become a tailorboy, but he returned later. After he grew up, he started a Tennessee tailor shop. He began his political career by participating in debates at a local academy. He was married to Eliza McCartney. They had six children. He was a senator, and a member of Congress. He was a senator throughout the civil War. The northerners loved him, but the southerners did not like him. Lincoln later appointed him as the military governor for Tennessee.

He was elected vice-president for Abraham Lincoln in 1864. He became president following the assassination of President Lincoln at Ford’s Theature. George Azterodt was also rumored to have assassinated him. Azterodt, however, didn’t go through with assassination. Azterodt was still hanged, even though the assassination didn’t happen. His qualifications to become vice president were due to his status as a Senator from Tennessee. He was an unwavering supporter of the Union throughout civil war. Lincoln appointed him as the Military Governor for Tennessee. Andrew Johnson was involved in a number of controversies during his presidency. Here are some examples. Because he loved slavery and had slaves, President Johnson vetoed the bill. The president was overruled by the “radicals”, who received enough votes. It was the first instance in American history when congress overruled president on a critical bill. Congress passed Civil Rights act (1866) that allowed ex-slaves to become citizens of the USA and provided that they could not be discriminated against.

Andrew Johnson, the first president to call for his impeachment was a bad one. 11 articles were written by the Senate for Johnson’s imposition. He was impeached for the principal reason he was removed from office by Stanton and because he violated an article. He replaced Stanton without first going before the senate, violating the Constitution. Johnson was only saved by one vote.


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