The History Of Makeup And Its Role On Women’s Life

Bobbi Brown said, “I believe that every woman is beautiful even without makeup.” Makeup is an integral part of every girl’s day. Since the beginnings of time, make-up has had an effect on women around the world. Science makes it easier to feel confident and empowered.

The history and present-day use of cosmetics can be traced back to at most 7,000 years ago. The origins of cosmetic body art are believed to have been in the early days of human culture. Egyptians invented the first cosmetics made of copper and led. These cosmetics would eventually be used to cover skin imperfections and improve complexions. But unlike today, Egyptian women did not use makeup to impress cute boys at work. Mesdement was a mixture copper and lead oxide applied around the eyes. The lower eyelids received green tints, while the lashes on the upper and lower eyes were filled in with dark grays. It was also during the Victorian period that cosmetics and makeup became more popular in Europe. Rice powder was used by women to cover freckles, redness, blotches and other imperfections. The sophisticated women of that era used pearl powder and zinc oxide to make a popular cosmetic powder. Some of these products were hazardous to women’s health. To achieve the beautiful pale skin that was once considered desirable in the past, women used lead, mercury and leeches. Today’s multibillion dollar cosmetic industry must adhere to strict regulations regarding cosmetics. It must also follow safe manufacturing standards. The most serious injuries you could sustain from makeup are irritation from products that are too rough or allergic reactions to preservatives or scents. The use of makeup has become more widespread than ever before. This is combined with the fact most makeup is safe for skin, which has led to an increase in women’s demand for beauty products. The beauty industry will grow in the future. Modern technology has made it possible to prove that ancient techniques can still be used to enhance the beauty of women’s faces. The most important biological factor that affects a woman’s activity is her color contrast around her eyes and lips. Natural characteristics of women are darker lips and skin. Our brains recognize this as a sign for femininity. The more contrast there is between the eyes of a woman and her lips and her skin color, the more feminine and evolutionary appealing she is. Because they enhance the beauty of these features, eyeshadow and lipstick are staple makeup products. It has been shown that symmetry in a woman’s faces can influence her activity. According to the Association for Psychological Science, we prefer symmetrical faces even though we may not be able to see the symmetry. Although you may not be aware, most faces are somewhat asymmetrical. One side may be wider than the other, eyes may have slight differences, and one cheekbone might be less prominent. A face that has fewer variations is more appealing. Eyeliner and lipsliner can also make these features look more symmetrical.

This experiment proved these theories. It was interesting to see if women were given more tips if they wore makeup. For six weeks, a waitress served two groups (totaling one hundred seventy-four) five days per week. She served 16 lunches with and 15 without makeup. An analysis of various components revealed that the average tip was higher for waitresses who wore makeup more often than those who did not.

Although many women have started to use makeup, not all women do. Around 44% of American women aren’t comfortable leaving their house without applying makeup. Buzzfeed asked 14 women what reason they wear makeup. From “Because It Makes Me Feel More Confident!” to “I Like the Ritual and Power.” These answers help others understand the importance of makeup for women. While men judge a woman’s attractiveness by her makeup, makeup is used by women to assess their personalities. Three key findings have been revealed by research about women’s perceptions of each other’s makeup. Women think that makeup makes women more dominant. This perception is what makes makeup so important to helping women succeed in their careers. Women who have makeup similar to their own can bond more quickly with each other. People who look like us are naturally attracted to us. It’s not surprising that makeup is a key characteristic women use to determine who they want to be friends with. You can see that makeup speaks volumes about women’s values and how they are attracted to beauty. There are many reasons women wear makeup. They do it for different reasons.

A major influence on America’s women is makeup. Its science and history have shaped women’s confidence. You can use these facts to make yourself more confident the next time you go to a job interview or birthday party.


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